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What We Do

Hardware Tech Direct is an IT Hardware trading company whose main office is located in the vibrant city of Bristol in the southwest of England. We supply to customers all over the globe, buying and selling new and pre-owned IT equipment.

Our staff members are fluent in 4 languages and have almost 10 years of experience working in this industry.

Company Ethos

At Hardware Tech Direct we believe that our job is not just buying and selling IT equipment. Wherever possible, we aim to help our clients maximise the value of their IT assets by offering competitive trade-in prices when hardware reaches the end of its life cycle.

Large companies renew their IT equipment on a regular basis but, once refurbished, their old equipment is still highly desirable to smaller, up-and-coming organisations: businesses who lack the necessary budget to be able to purchase state of the art IT infrastructure. By facilitating the resale of pre-owned IT hardware, we are helping to reduce the environmental impact that the IT industry has on our planet.

The use of refurbished components can allow IT managers to make savings which can be passed on to other areas of their company. Repairing specific hardware using parts from refurbished units can be significantly cheaper than replacing hard to come by equipment.