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We buy all types of used hardware

IT assets depreciate in value over time so, by storing your old hardware, you are effectively losing money.  Selling it to HWTech Direct makes perfect sense.  Free up precious storage space and inject money back in to your company’s cash flow.

We sell a huge range of IT Hardware at fantastic prices

Do you require an operational network but have a limited budget?  Maybe it’s the right time for your company to take the next step and upgrade to state-of-the-art technology.  Either way, HWTech Direct can find the right IT solutions for you from a range of 50,000 products.

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All of our IT Hardware comes with a standard 1 year warranty

HWTech Direct offers a 1-year standard warranty on all new and refurbished equipment.  Our products are made by the world’s leading manufacturers which gives us the confidence to increase the guarantee we offer you to up to 3 years if required. This guarantees you that we will replace any defective items as soon as possible.

*We only offer this option to end-user customers and not resellers or wholesale customers.  Please check our Terms and Conditions page for more information about warranty stipulations.

We deliver to clients across the globe

We have delivery agreements with top courier companies including UPS, Royal Mail, FEDEx Parcelforce and smaller companies local to the Bristol area.  Wherever you are in the world, HWTech Direct can deliver the hardware you need in the most time efficient manner.

If you’re selling to us, we’ll pay for your goods to be picked up for free because we value our customers.

Buy new hardware for less by trading in your old equipment

We offer trade-in deals on many different hardware items.  Simply send us the details of your used equipment and we can work out a competitive discount on your order.  We’ll even pay for your old equipment to be picked up.

Keep your data safe

In an age of ever increasing cyber-crime, it is of utmost importance that companies and individuals keep their data safe.  When you erase/delete a file from your computer, it’s not really gone until the areas of the disk it used are overwritten by new information.  Hackers can easily retrieve data from old storage disks that haven’t been wiped.

HWTech Direct offers a data wiping service that overwrites the space previously occupied on a storage device, replacing useful data with either zeros (also known as “zero-fill”) or a random pattern of numbers.

Help your company to achieve its recycling targets

HWTech Direct recycles old IT equipment in accordance with the rigorous standards set out by the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.  As environmental impact analysis becomes more and more important for businesses around the globe, let us help you achieve your company’s recycling targets.

Old hardware can be cheap and reliable

End of life (EOL) hardware is significantly cheaper than state-of-the art infrastructure.  It can be a very cost effective alternative that meets an end user’s requirements without draining their bank account.  Some end of life hardware can continue being operational long after its manufacturers have pushed new technologies on to the market.  This is something to bear in mind when planning phased upgrades of IT equipment especially when you know that older systems have proven reliability.

Searching for a difficult to find product?

We can save you time and money by sourcing rare and hard to find components.  Whether you desperately need to replace some broken equipment or are planning ahead and want to keep something as a backup spare part, HWTech Direct has access to a worldwide catalogue of 50 000+ products.

Let us do the searching so that you can get back to doing your own job.

Servers available for short term rent

If your company is unsure of its IT equipment needs, HWTech Direct can offer short term rental of fully furnished servers.  This gives SMEs the flexibility to increase their IT capacity without the risk of overspending on hardware in the long term.